Balloon Sinuplasty

Does Surgery Scare You? It Might Not Be Your Only Chronic or Recurrent Sinusitis Treatment Option!

Is breathing out of your nose a distant memory? Is the congestion in your face making it difficult to make it through a day without pain?

If you answered yes to the questions above, it’s clear that the symptoms stemming from your chronic or recurrent sinusitis have affected your life. You want them to stop, but you don’t want to go through the pain and recovery process required with endoscopic sinus surgery, right?

You are not without options. There are sinusitis treatments that are both effective and less painful than surgery.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty is an in-office procedure that opens blocked sinus pathways by placing and inflating a small balloon-like catheter into the obstructed area. The balloon is then removed, leaving the pathway opened and allowing your sinuses to work properly, and once again flush out bacteria, putting an end to your sinusitis symptoms.

Why Choose This Alternative to Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Endoscopic sinus surgery is invasive and has a long recovery time, lasting weeks or months. The recovery process includes debridement, which requires a doctor to tear off scabs to prevent scar tissues from obstructing your airway.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, which is irreversible, also requires the permanent removal of bone and tissue from your face. While this procedure is commonly the treatment recommended by physicians, a minimally invasive option may bring you similar results without the pain and long road to recovery.

Balloon Sinuplasty means relief for patients of all ages

How Bad Are Your Sinuses?

Evaluate your symptoms to find out if you're a candidate for a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, which greatly reduces the suffering experienced by chronic sinusitis patients.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Facts

The Balloon Sinuplasty procedure is…

  • Minimally invasive
  • Quick, taking an hour or potentially less
  • An in-office procedure
  • Covered by most major medical insurances
  • Capable of providing long-term relief
  • Quick to recover from
  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Not associated with the risks or complications of surgery

Performed by Dr. Mark Harrison of Harrison Sinus Relief, this procedure may be your ticket to relief from sinusitis and prevent you from an irreversible surgery.

Thousands of American patients have found relief through in-office Balloon Sinuplasty

Are You A Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty From Harrison Sinus Relief?

Dr. Harrison is experienced with working with patients like you who have chronic or recurrent sinusitis and want to experience relief. He has successfully helped countless patients avoid surgery and regain the ability to live without the symptoms that come with having sinusitis.

Don’t let sinus pain stand in your way, and don’t let the fear of surgery stop you from seeking treatment! Schedule your appointment today with Dr. Harrison to discuss Balloon Sinuplasty.

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